Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Summer Work Program

I understand that to participate in the Summer Work & Travel USA Program, I agree to comply with all the conditions listed below; failure to do so will render my registration to participate in this program NULL, VOID and with no responsibility of attachment to the Summer Work National Representative Processing Office.
I understand and hereby agree that;

+ Besor Associates is a representative of the education travel provider in my country and has the responsibility of ensuring that I conform to all the program rules and regulations.The program is designed to provide me with an opportunity to gain relevant work experience while enjoying my summer holiday in the USA and not become an economic refugee. I will not do anything to negate the intentions of this program.

+ The registration fee which is the administrative charges of Besor Associates and the processing fees are non-refundable, whatsoever the circumstance.This is an Educational Travel Program and not a visa procurement service. We do NOT guarantee any visa for program participants

+ Besor Associates will not be held responsible for any cancellation arising from my inability to conform and meet document submission, interview and payment deadlines. All deadlines must be strictly complied to and there will be no extension or exemptions.To participate in the Employer's Interview for Summer Work & Travel USA Program, either or both parents must accompany me to the interview venue otherwise my participation in the program may be automatically cancelled.

+ To participate in the Summer Work & Travel USA Program, a parental consent letter must accompany my Completed Registration Form otherwise my participation in the program may not be approved.