Summer Work Program Information

The Summer Work and Travel Program is a Bridge USA (formerly known as the Exchange Visitor) Program to the United States of America created by the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 to promote mutual understanding between Americans and citizens of other countries through interchange of persons, knowledge and skills in the fields of Education, Arts, Sciences and Business management. This program offers international students the opportunity to participate in the educational and cultural program of Work and Travel in the United States and to share their acquired skills and experience upon their return to the country.
To participate in this program organized by Besor Associates, the applicant must be:

+ between the ages of 18 and 24 years old, a full-time student currently attending a course of study in the University, and have completed at least one semester of program of Post-secondary study and not completed the final year of study. Adequate and verifiable proof of student status will be required.

+ able to present a verifiable proof that the institution of study has a valid summer vacation period starting from May (no later than June) to September. False or incorrect disclosure might lead to cancellation of the students application and legal consequences, able to prove an intermediate level of English through one or multiple interviews and assessment tests in English and able to provide 3 verifiable references supportive of student's maturity and ability to get the maximum benefit from the program.

+ able to provide a satisfactory Medical/Police report and agree to a background check, a copy of the "personal details" page of their Passport, a valid email address throughout the time that the application is active (required for confirmation of student information), attend all required personal one-on-one interviews and supply a 1 page essay on why you feel an International program will benefit you when you return to your home country.

+ able to supply a written letter from your school, on the school letterhead and signed in original to certify that you are a bonafide and current full-time University student in your home country as well as a parental consent letter that will be verified by your national representative.