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Our goal is to provide you as a student,
all the educational travel opportunities.

We make provisions available for personal development from out-of-classroom education through educational travel opportunities; exchange, work and learn programs and cultural immersion that will promote mutual understanding, respect for individual abilities irrespective of their background and peaceful co-existence globally. Education gained through travel is experiential, holistic in defining your outlook to versatile issues and becomes a part of you. Unlike certificates and diplomas, it cannot be taken away from you, it is your experience and has become a part of you. The work and travel programs are focused on empowering and giving individuals the necessary out-of the-classroom experience for long term personal development.
The Summer Work & Travel Program provides international students currently attending university in their home country the opportunity to live and work in the United States for up to four months during the student's summer holiday. The summer break is generally during the months of May to September for countries in the Northern Hemisphere and during the months of November to March from countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
By providing this opportunity to international university students, it is expected that they will gain knowledge and experience of America and other cultures through daily living experiences. It is also expected that you, as an international exchange visitor will share your culture with the Americans you come into contact with.
The work component of this program does not necessarily cover the students' expenses; students should understand that this is a cultural exchange program, not a way of making "big" money for the summer. Application is open to bonafide international students currently enrolled in post secondary academic programs in their home countries, and who will be available for up to 4 months during the summer.

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